Extracts Machine Readable Data from Non-Templatized, Semi-Structured​​ Documents

Unstructured Data & Template Dependency are the biggest challenges in RPA today

Do you manage a large number of customers, vendors & stakeholders?

Are hundreds of invoice & PO templates reducing your back- end efficiency?

Or, are you an RPA solution provider struggling with multiple templates of customers?

Don’t Miss Out on the Pixuate Advantage –
Say Goodbye to Traditional Approach

We Make Templates Redundant to Improve Your Business Outcomes Radically

Pixuate’s Capture360 processes documents in multiple formats like PDFs, Excel, JPEG into pre-defined CSV/XLS formats. It can read form non-templatized documents & deliver RPA-Compatible Data Stream for Back-end Automation. Our easy-to-deploy plugins for  RPA enables seamless AP/AR automation.

Pixuate’s Capture360 Engine has been trained with over 90,000 unique templates and over 1.2 million documents

Traditional Approach​

  • Requires pre-defined template schema
  • Templates to be updated for new vendors
  • Automatic AI based learning not possible


  • No need to define templates for each vendor
  • Incremental retraining every quarter
  • Can be posted to ERP and is compatible with all bot engines like UIPath, Workfusion, Automation Anywhere and BluePrism

Use Case: Pixuate’s Capture360 Automates a Key Part of AP/AR

At present, the average personnel can process 10-15 POs in a day, or 250-500 POs in a month. Similarly, the average personnel can process 50 invoices per day, or 1250 invoices per month. Thus, if a business has to process 5000 POs a month, it needs to have in place a 10-member team. Not only is this costly, but the process is also slow and prone to human errors, thus leading to inefficiencies and lost RoI. By integrating Capture360 into your enterprise ERP, you can process the same volume with a 3-member team. This will drastically reduce the rate of error & quicken the order-to-cash cycle. Capture360 can also dynamically handle higher volumes and process faster unlike manual entry which is bound to create backlogs. During lean volume days, wastage due to keeping manual resources idle can be avoided.

  • Enable Part of AP/AR Automation
  • Reduce Manual Intervention by 70%
  • Reduce Errors & Improve Efficiency
  • Handle larger volumes dynamically faster with drastically reduced wastage on lean days

Our Valued Clients and Partners

Pixuate works in close partnership and collaboration with industry frontrunners. Various partnership models that we have adopted include direct deployment to OEMs, a partnership with resellers and licensing our unique technology to product companies. We invite partnerships from across the globe.

Interested in partnering with us?

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